Have the greatest time staying like a local in Hida Furukawa. This is once in lifetime experience in touching real Japanese local life.

“SATOYAMA OFFICE & STAY” is a collection of private accommodations dotted in Hida Furukawa town. You can stay at entire traditional house as your home.


Hida region (飛騨) has beautiful nature in each season and a special culture which Hida people work hard to protect. They know how to live, and what the real meaning of peace and relaxation is. In recent times, it’s increasingly difficult to see houses which have the traditional Japanese construction style, Kominka (古民家; Old traditional folk house). We can see some of them in Hida, and we would love to offer you unique experience at the unique house.

自然に囲まれた古民家での抜群の環境でオフサイトミ−ティング。クリエイティブなアイデアを求めて経営会議や商品企画、またコラボレーションパートナーとの親睦を深めるオフサイトミーティングの事例ページへリンク。 height=


We consider the town itself as a Ryokan and Hotel. Dining is a local restaurant and izakaya bar. Activity is local cycling service and hiking, running course. Wellness is to supply futon(Japanese bed) made by local futon master, and Sento onsen. We like to support your local experience as a concierge and sometimes local friend.

Our MINKA has facilities (kitchen, kitchenware, bath and…) like your Japanese home. And also MINKA has free wifi, projector, desk and others for resort office usage.

Please check “MINKA  List” if you want to know  details.

""古民家源七でヨガ。 "飛騨の匠ならでは末広の家。/

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