Vegan and wine restaurant “Kiboko” located in Shinjyuku, who is the member of staying at our house before, invited me to her Hida-momo event in her restaurant . I went there on August 2016.

I can sometimes see  collaboration with her skill and, local farmers and their vegetables she met  through traveling in HidaFurukawa.  I’m happy to be a part of the innovative moment.


“Think local vegetables to explore Hida Furukawa”

Our users, who’re chef and food industry person, have launched “Think local food to know producer and local environment”project due to making closer relationship between producer and consumer.

Now Kiboko chose Hida-momo and organic vegetables originally produced for a long time ago in Hida region.



Hida Momo(peach)

Many people, who live in other urban city such as Tokyo and Osaka, don’t know Hida-momo, although Hida-momo is one of the best foods produced in Hida Furukawa, like a Hida Beef, Ayu-fish and tomato because of a small amount of production.

Indeed, Hida-momo is grown by tough condition in a mountain, has huge gap in temperature and so it includes rich sugar.

The best condition of Hida Momo cannot be reached

Harvest season of Hida-momo is later than other place on the ground that Hida region is the highest altitude field. Actually Hida’s summer is about one month shorter.

In Japanese peach industry, the peak consumption is before and Obon week (around 13th-18th), which is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating one’s ancestors when Japanese back to their hometown. However, the best delicious Hida-momo is harvested after the Obon week.

So this momo event has started for creating opportunity to eat Hida-momo at the best moment.


Fruits park Kurouchi

Hida-momo is supplied by Kurouchi Orchard Fruit Park where it’s at 700 meters above sea level on  a mountain with primeval beech forest.

飛騨古川にある黒内果樹園 日本最高峰にある桃果樹園飛騨古川 透き通る川

Kiboko’s Hida momo event

Menu of the Hida-momo event

・Organic Mix Bellini
・Peach Smoothie
・Detox Water with Peach
・Peach Tea
・Peach and Mint Tea
・Peach Vichyssoise
・Fresh Organic Vegetables with Peach Dressing
・Quinoa and Brown Rice Salad
・Green Curry with Peach
・Marinate Tsubakuro Eggplant、Japanese Cowpea and Summer Vegetable
・Mochi-Corn, Kokuhu-Eggplant, Grilled Peach, Cream Cheese To-hu with Vegetable BBQ Source
・Peach with Ama-sake source

スローフード&ワイン Kiboko

Collaboration with fruit cutting master

Fruit cutting master, Kimiyo Hojyo san, took particioation in the event for sophisticating cuisine on plates.

フルーツカッティング 新宿




slowfood & wine KiboKo

URL: https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1304/A130401/13193704/

Event page:https://www.facebook.com/events/887711191355374/

Fruits park Kurouchi

URL http://homepage3.nifty.com/kurouchikajuen/

Nomura organic farm

URL http://www.nomura-nouen.com/


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