Every late October the association of local small craft man have held the exhibition in their own workshop.

In our accommodation some of furniture are supplied  the  by local craft man “Koivu”, who provide order made furniture influenced from Finland design.

Our managed house “Ichinomachi House” like “Sukiya・Suehiro” and “Genshichi”,was used for his exhibition during the period of the Kobou Meguri exhibition.

飛騨の家具 空き家古民家で展示会

List of Koivu Exhibition in our house

Date:29th and 30th October 2016
Koivu’s Furniture and craft product exhibition

DIY Bench and Stool event


・Theater “MY Stuff”


Koive’s Furniture

His craft design influenced from North Europe, sperically Finland, in which he learned crafship before starting his furniture workshop in Hida, Japan.

Cafe × Unoccupied space = Creativity

Amateur barista, Ikeshima-san, joined in this event as a cafe supplier, who made each different space be harmonized through coffee aroma in this house.







Hida Furniture Koivu

URL: http://koivu.minibird.jp/

Event URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/1776009509325708/


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