I participated in Snowshoe Tour provided by SATOAYAMA EXPERIENCE,which is the newest activity in Hida Furukawa 2017.

Our guests who was staying at SUKIYA・Suehiro House went to the tour together.


This snowshoe tour is to go to hike in Tanakura village(種蔵), in which 26 locals (12 households) live.

We were able to enjoy in untouched nature and snow in this small village tour.

This snow tour could entertain the all generation rather than ski and snowboarding. I mean it’s easy!



We went to the tour desk in HidaFurukawa at 13:00.

First of all, we selected suitable snow wear for body and were explained of insurance by tour guides.

Snow gard for shoes can be provided as well.

Now we ready to go!

Snowshoe Tour Start!

Leaving to the village from Hida Furukawa town

Hisa, who is one of SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE guide, drove us to Tanekura village(種蔵).

It was heavy snow day! His careful  driving made us feel comfortable.


Arrive at Tanakura village

We got snowshoe gears finally. So exciting at the moment!

Other guide, Hiro, demonstrate how to walk with snowshoe.

Finally start!

Snowshoeing at one of the Top 100 Terraced rice fields in Japan


The destination of the tour is the top of terraced rice fields in this village. It must be beautiful landscape if it was sunny, however, the views were totally white, white…  The quality of snow was the best this day. Jump into snow, Jump into snow.

2 guides prepared hot tea and Japanese cookie(Miso Senbei) for enjoying on the top.

I don’t forget the taste under heavy snow.That was awesome.

The staffs were warm persons. So we have the excellent experience with friends and also the staffs.



URL http://satoyama-experience.com/

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