Finally in mountains and also town trees are changing to autumn color. Now locals are enjoying in the color of nature.

Today I’m going to introduce some spots in Hida Furukawa town. You can see them only when you can stay in the historical town. Actually both of spots is my commuting way to my company.  The leaves and illumination add color to my living everyday during this season.

Lighting-up of Ooicho

Illuminated ginkgo tree and Seto-river

One of symbolic trees along Seto-river, Ooicho (big ginkgo tree), is illuminated during fail color season.

In this year the illumination is from 21th Oct to 19th Nov. This spots is next to Matrusi park in which you can enjoy yellow and red colors of Japanese maples as well.


Lighting-Up from Imamiya-bashi

Illuminated harmony with Sakura tree and red bridge

The landscape of Imamiya-bashi is popular in Sakura season but also it’s known in autumn among locals.

The red bridge lighting-up is across Araki river(荒城川), from which you can see perfect combination with river, fall color tree and bridge now.


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