Hida Sugo village is located at Mt.KoYama(高山)and Mt. agareha(流葉), which is rich mountain in storing water due to virgin beech forest and pure snow.


When staying at KOMINKA Genshichi, one of the attraction is to drink fresh water from the virgin nature. The water is not going to bad for 3 months locals said, because it’s kept under the condition of less than 12℃. I’m not sure about that point scientifically, however I’ve knew the water is very fresh and good for coffee. So here is places you can take the water.

Water Spots in Hida Sugo

①The source of Otasuke Water

Location:Sodetouge, Sugo Furukawacho, Hida-city, Gifu (10min from KOMINKA・Genshichi) (30min from SUKIYA・Suehiro)

岐阜県飛騨市古川町数河 袖峠 (古民家・源七から10分くらい) (末広の家・壱之町の家から30分くらい)
Map:https://goo.gl/maps/9mA2Z(About here)

飛騨数河 お助け水源 飛騨数河 お助け水源

② The pump house of Otasuke Water

Location:Along 41 Route, Sugo Furukawacho, Hida-city, Gifu (5 min from KOMINKA・Genshichi) (20min from SUKIYA・Suehiro)

岐阜県飛騨市古川町数河 41号線沿い (古民家・源七から5分くらい) (末広の家・壱之町の家から20分くらい)
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/h2Tv4

飛騨数河 41号線 飛騨数河 お助け水汲み場

Water Spot in Oku-Hida

③The pump house of Oku-Hida

Location:In front of Drive-in Sugo (5min from KOMINKA・Genshichi)(25min from SUKIYA・Suehiro)

岐阜県飛騨市古川町数河 ドライブイン数河の向かい (古民家・源七から5分くらい) (末広の家・壱之町の家から25分くらい)



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